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  2. [FANACC] WhenTOP was drunk // When TOP talked to a girl at a club

    Writer’s Note: The writer has seen the photo of TOP posing with a V sign, he didn’t look like an idol at all. But then she could not share the picture.

    My friend’s cousin (unnie) is a very famous model.

    There was one time her friends invited her to a club. I think that day the army had a day off, so she saw Kim Rae Won and TOP was there too. She felt quite uneasy so she went to them and greeted “Ah.. It’s you guys..”

    Not long after that, TOP was drunk then he said “Let me perform something for you guys” (He wasn’t talking clearly =.=)

    He poured the liquour into the glass until it’s full and then said “Chuh a ~ I will not touch the glass to drink the liquour” (He wasn’t talking clearly again) Then he put both of his hands on his back, only used his mouth to touch the glass, and picked up and gulped the drink like that, then he flipped the glass and cheered on himself while clapping his hands (like a seal hahaha)

    When Choi Seung Hyun was making a fool of himself, Kwon JiYoung came in. I think he was a little drunk, he leaned on TOP “SeungHyun Hyung Hyung~” TOP saw Jiyong and said to him “Ji Yong aaaaaa, Hyung wants to show you something” Then he did the act with the glass once again for Jiyong. Jiyong clapped his hands laughing out loud. But in the end, he did it, he also flipped the glass and cheered on himself while clapping his hands.

    Then there was one more time she saw TOP, she was a little bit embarrassed while drinking. Then she noticed that TOP kept on staring at her. TOP very embarrassingly with his deep voice suddenly started talking to her

    "That.. That one"

    Then the unnie asked “What is it?”

    "That.. that ring.. Can you give it to me?"

    It turned out to be he was eyeing her ring. The unnie saw his frankness, so she gave him the ring. But truthfully, she had a little hope inside her that he would ask for her number.

    translated by: rnosel

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